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"The rich, sweet taste it adds is absolutely irresistible. It takes my recipes to new heights, making every bite a delightful explosion of deliciousness."

- Chef Anne Hicks, MasterChef Finalist

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Add a Sweet Kick to Your Dishes with Wurzpott Sweet Paprika!

INGREDIENTS: Sweet Paprika

USE WITH: Any Recipe that uses Paprika

1/2 Cup Jar - NET WT. 2.29 OZ

Store in a cool (52–77°F), dry and dark location.



Add a Sweet Kick to Your Dishes with Wurzpott Sweet Paprika!

Sweet Paprika is a must-have spice in any kitchen. Its sweet, mild flavor makes it versatile in various dishes, from meats and vegetables to sauces and dips. Sprinkle it over roasted potatoes, add it to your favorite chili recipe, or season a classic Hungarian goulash. The bright red color makes it a beautiful garnish for deviled eggs or potato salad. The possibilities are endless!

Sweet paprika is a versatile spice in many dishes to add a delicious, mild flavor. Some popular dishes that feature sweet paprika include:

Hungarian Goulash - a hearty stew made with beef, onions, and sweet paprika.

Shakshuka - a Middle Eastern dish of eggs poached in a tomato and pepper sauce flavored with sweet paprika.

Deviled Eggs - a classic appetizer made with hard-boiled eggs, mayo, and a sprinkle of sweet paprika on top. 

Roasted Vegetables - sweet paprika can add depth and flavor to roasted vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, and bell peppers.

Chorizo and Potato Tacos - sweet paprika is a key ingredient in the spice blend for chorizo, which is delicious when paired with potatoes in tacos or breakfast burritos.

      Our high-quality Sweet Paprika is sourced from the best organically grown vegan spices and herbs worldwide. We use a unique Aroma-Safe Process to vacuum seal the freshness into every spice we make, ensuring that the flavor is preserved for months after opening. You can purchase our Sweet Paprika online or at select retailers.

      If you want to add a smoky twist to your dishes, try our Wurzpott Smoky Paprika. Made with the same high-quality ingredients as our Sweet Paprika, this spice has a rich, smoky flavor that pairs perfectly with meats like chicken breasts. Try seasoning your chicken with a Smoky and Sweet Paprika blend and some garlic powder for a flavorful and easy weeknight dinner. Serve it with a side of Jasmine Cilantro Lime Rice and fresh mango slices for a tropical twist.

      At Wurzpott, we believe in using sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly ingredients. Our spices are vegan, organically grown, and free from unnecessary flavor enhancers, artificial additives, and preservatives. We vacuum seal our spices in glass jars with metal lids so that you can reuse the jars for your spice mixtures or as storage containers. With our commitment to freshness and quality, you can trust that Wurzpott spices will elevate your cooking to the next level.

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