Collection: Essentials Family

Wurzpott Essentials are exactly what the name implies - the Spices you need in your Kitchen every day. If you're a Home Cook or Aspiring TV Chef, the Wurzpott Essentials Family is for you!

One of your Top Selling Spices Blends, probably due to its versatility, is Smoky Garlic Crunch. Add powerful bursts of crunchy flavor without the added calories. The most popular uses are as a substitute for Bacon Bits on Salads and Baked Potatoes, plus it is an intriguing option as a Topping for Butter Boards.

Do you want to get exotic and impress your guests with a new Chili or Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe? Check out, Chocolate Pepper. You'll need a Spice Grinder to grind the Chocolate Pepper into a powder to use in your favorite Recipes.

There are so many Recipes and Dry Rubs that start with Smoky Paprika or Sweet Paprika that you should always have some of both in your Spice Rack. This will be the freshest Paprika you've ever tasted.

Garlic Slices are perfect for adding to Steamed Vegetables or Pasta Dishes. You can toss these dried garlic slices at the last minute to get warm with almost any dish to add garlic flavor without peeling, chopping, and cleaning up.

Wurzpott Salt Flakes are big and flaky and perfect to bring out the flavor of Roasted Vegetables, Potatoes, or any Meat. Want to get fancy? Try some Saffron Salt instead. 

Speaking of fancy Spices, White Mountain Peppercorns and Green Peppercorns greatly complement Black Peppercorns. Add all three to your Pepper Grinder for Fresh Ground Pepper Medley to rock your taste buds!