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"It's my go-to spice blend for all things seafood, and I can't imagine cooking without it!"

- Jimmy H., Seafood Restaurant Owner

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Elevate your seafood dishes with Wurzpott Shellfish Sensation spice blend. Made with natural ingredients, this blend enhances the flavor of your favorite shellfish dishes, including shrimp, lobster, and crab. Perfect for grilling, roasting, or sautéing, this spice blend is a must-have for any seafood lover.

INGREDIENTS: Sea salt, sugar, flavoring, spices (i.a., leek, onion, garlic), hydrolyzed protein, spice extracts.

USE WITH: Shrimp, Shellfish, Gumbo

1/2 Cup Jar - NET WT. 3.18 OZ

Store in a cool (52–77°F), dry and dark location.

Customer Reviews

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Cavaliere, Sandy
Delicious shrimp dish

I used Shellfish Sensation for my shrimp dish. It gave the shrimp a delicious flavor. My husband and I enjoyed this scrumptious spice.



Make a Splash with Wurzpott's Shellfish Sensation Spice Blend - Your Ticket to Seafood Paradise!

Introducing Wurzpott Shellfish Sensation Spice Blend - Elevate Your Seafood Game with Flavorful Delights!

Experience a seafood paradise with the Wurzpott Shellfish Sensation spice blend. Crafted with precision using premium herbs and spices like parsley, dill, lemon peel, and chili flakes, this blend is designed to enhance the natural flavors of shellfish. Every bite will taste exquisite from succulent shrimp to seared scallops and steamed mussels.

Versatility meets excellence, as Wurzpott Shellfish Sensation can also be used as a seasoning for various fish dishes. Its harmonious blend of aromatic ingredients brings out the best in seafood, transforming ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary masterpieces. Say goodbye to bland and hello to sensational!

Make a splash at your next seafood feast with Wurzpott Shellfish Sensation. Delight your taste buds and impress your guests with the vibrant flavors only the finest spices offer. Elevate your seafood dishes and unlock culinary possibilities with Wurzpott Shellfish Sensation Spice Blend. Prepare to embark on a savory journey that will leave you craving more.

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