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"I absolutely love the Asian Fusion Spice Blend! Its spicy and sweet flavors add the perfect kick to my dishes"

- Angie Y. from Castle Rock, CO

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Spicy and Sweet with a little Heat! Our Asian Fusion Spice Blend Unlocks the Flavor of the Far East!

INGREDIENTS: Salt, sugar, onions, potato starch, garlic, spices (i.a., turmeric & coriander), flavoring, parsley.

USE WITH: Stir Frys, Noodles, Ramen, Rice Bowls

1/2 Cup Jar - NET WT. 3.18 OZ

Store in a cool (52–77°F), dry and dark location.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sandy Cavaliere
Asian Flavor

It gave the fried rice with shrimp a good taste.

Joe Thistle
Excellent on Roasted Squash

Added Asian Fusion to Butternut Squash and Acorn Squash before Roasting, they were both fantastic!



Spicy and Sweet with a Little Heat!

Our Asian Fusion Spice Blend Unlocks the Flavor of the Far East!

Introducing Asian Fusion, the ultimate spice blend that will transport your taste buds to the enchanting world of Asian cuisine. Crafted with authentic Asian spices, Asian Fusion is perfect for enhancing the flavors of your favorite dishes, such as ramen, noodle dishes, stir-fries, rice dishes, soups, and grilled meats. Immerse yourself in Asia's exotic and robust flavors right in the comfort of your own home.

With Asian Fusion, you can effortlessly bring the essence of Asia into your kitchen. This versatile spice blend complements a wide range of ingredients, allowing you to create mouthwatering one-pot meals, explore new culinary creations, and add that perfect finishing touch to elevate your dishes. Unlock the secrets of Asian culinary mastery and embark on a flavor-filled journey with every bite of Asian Fusion.

Experience the allure of Asian Fusion as it weaves a tapestry of flavors, capturing the essence of Asia's culinary heritage. The aromatic blend of spices in Asian Fusion will tantalize your senses and infuse your dishes with an authentic Asian taste. Elevate your cooking with the richness and complexity of Asian flavors, creating unique dishes that transport you to distant lands. Embrace the versatility of Asian Fusion and unlock a world of culinary possibilities.

Infuse your dishes with the exquisite flavors of Asia using Asian Fusion. Discover the perfect harmony of spices that make Asian cuisine so extraordinary. Elevate your recipes with this carefully curated spice blend, designed to capture the exotic tastes and aromas that define Asian cooking. Let Asian Fusion be your culinary companion, bringing the vibrant flavors of Asia to your table and delighting your taste buds with each savory bite.


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