Do You Need Fresh New Ideas For Holiday Parties or Meals?

Do You Need Fresh New Ideas For Holiday Parties or Meals?

If you are tired of the same old recipes, or don't have time to search the entire Internet for the Perfect Holiday Party Side Dish or Appetizer, don't worry, we have you covered, just keep reading.

We added Wurzpott Spices to The Food Network's 56 Holiday Party Recipes That Are Sure to Impress and these are our Wurzpott Recommendations...

Wurzpott Holiday Cooking Ideas That are Sure to Impress


Gingerbread Spiced Nuts by The Food Network Kitchen

These Spicy Nuts are easy to Prepare and can be made several days ahead of time. You can use any raw Nuts like Peanuts, Cashews or Almonds. Spicy Mixed Nuts are perfect for Charcuterie Boards!

Wurzpott Spices to use: Sweet Paprika, Smoky Paprika, Chocolate Pepper


Herb Coeur a La Creme by Ina Garten

A perfect Appetizer for a crowd, serve with Crusty Bread, Crackers or both! Get Creative and Add Tzatziki for Greek-Inspired dip, or Tomatino Pepperino for a sweet and Italian-inspired heat. You can make this in advance and just pull it out when guests start to arrive.

Wurzpott Spices to use: Provence, Sea Salt & Herbs


Gorgonzola-Pear Toasts by Sandra Lee

Crusty Bread and Soft Cheese is a really good Appetizer alone, but when you Add Sweet Fruit and Crunchy Nuts to the Crusty Bread with Soft Cheese, you get a Great Appetizer!

Spices to Substitute for Fresh Parsley: Tutto Italiano, Provence, Coastal Breeze


Christmas Queso by Ree Drummond

Queso is the perfect snack for a potluck or party during those days around Christmas when you need to feed a crowd, but don't have a lot of time to spend preparing more food during the hectic Holiday Season.
The original recipe doesn't have extra spices, but the Batch we made with a Tablespoon of Smoky Cowboy and a Tablespoon of Cracked Pepper was the clear favorite at our last Monday Night Football Party.

How can Wurzpott help Spice up your Christmas Queso? Add a Tablespoon of Smoky Cowboy or Cracked Pepper to the Queso or Top with Chile Threads!


Savory Cheese Palmiers by Sandra Lee

This is a really easy Cheesy Bread using frozen puff pastry that you can throw together quickly. We highly recommend taking the extra time and shredding your own Cheese blocks instead of buying a pre-shredded bag of cheese.
This is another recipe that we found our guests enjoyed with additional spices added, we made Cheesy Palmiers with our entire Italian Spice Collection, and we also had rave reviews over the Cheesy Palmiers we topped with Smoky Garlic Crunch and Veggie Meadow.

Wurzpott Spices to use: Sweet Paprika, Smoky Paprika, OR Add some extra Flavor and Crunch to your Cheese Topping with Smoky Garlic Crunch or Veggie Meadow.



Rosemary Roasted Potatoes by Ina Garten

We are convinced if you survey America and ask how their Potatoes were prepared for their Holiday Meals - half will say Mashed, and the other half will say Overcooked or Undercooked Roasted Potatoes. If you follow this recipe and do exactly what Ina Garten says, you will never Undercook or Overcook your Roasted Potatoes again.
If you really want to impress your guests with your Perfectly Roasted Potatoes, add a few Teaspoons each of Provence and Sea Salt & Herbs before you roast them, then sprinkle with Salt Flakes when they come out of the oven.

Wurzpott Spices to use: Provence, Sea Salt & Herbs, Salt Flakes


Potato Puffs by The Food Network Magazine

A very creative way to change up the traditional Potatoes served during your Holiday Meals.
Warning: These are really just tasteless fried balls of potato unless you add Seasonings or Dipping Sauce. We always Add Sea Salt & Herbs, and you can easily take these Italian with Amore Mio or get Exotic with Aloha Curry.

Wurzpott Spices to use: Sea Salt & Herbs, Salt Flakes, Aloha Curry, Amore Mio



Struffoli by Giada De Laurentiis

These fried balls of dough are great on their own, but your guests will remember your Struffoli forever if you add color with Edible Flowers (Flower Power and Bluetiful) or the sweet, crunchy flavor of Fruit Magic from the Wurzpott Garnish Family.

Wurzpott Garnishes to use for Additional Topping: Fruit Magic, Bluetiful, Flower Power


Chocolate Chip Biscooki by Melissa D'Arabian

"Holiday season is synonymous with cookies, and the most well-loved cookie of childhood is probably the chocolate chip variety. This recipe is part cookie, part biscotti. It's sweet and soft enough to eat like a cookie, but hard enough to be perfect for hot cocoa or coffee dipping." - Melissa D'Arabian

Add a little sweet & spicy kick to these Biscookies with Chocolate Pepper. Simply grind up 2-3 Tablespoons of Chocolate Pepper in your Spice Grinder and add them into your Flour Mixture in Step 2 of this Recipe.

Wurzpott Spices to use: Chocolate Pepper

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