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"I absolutely love Veggie Meadow! As a Vegan, I'm always looking for ways to add flavor and variety to my meals. This spice blend is a game-changer."

- Natalie T., Vegan Mom

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The Best From the Garden! Natural Vegetable Cuttings as a Spicy Topping. This unique Savory Spice Blend made from Dried Vegetables is not only healthy, it is also decorative!

INGREDIENTS: Onions, sweet paprika, garlic, safflower extract, vegetable oil (rapeseed), spice extracts.

USE WITH: Salads, Eggs, Baked Potatoes, Butter Boards

1/2 Cup Jar - NET WT. 2.29 OZ

Store in a cool (52–77°F), dry and dark location.

Customer Reviews

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Carolyn A. Smith
The Perfect Extra

I added a teaspoon of Veggie Meadow to my paella recipe, and my guests said it was the best paella they had ever eaten!

Sandy Cavaliere
Veggie Crunch

I like the crunch on my salad.


I decided to try this on some sauteed zucchini last night, and was very pleasantly surprised. The spices are subtle, but tasty. Just put a couple of teaspoons of olive oil in a skillet, heat to medium, add a couple of sliced zucchinis, then sprinkle veggie meadow and a little salt on them, and stir-fry about 5 minutes. Wonderful!



Introducing Veggie Meadow - The Vibrant and Delicious Savory Spice Blend for Veggie Lovers!

Elevate your dishes with the natural goodness of Veggie Meadow, a unique spice blend crafted from a medley of dried vegetables. Bursting with vibrant colors and flavors, this seasoning adds a healthy twist to your meals and serves as a visually stunning decorative element.

Our Veggie Meadow blend is carefully crafted using a combination of onions, peppers, and other natural ingredients, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. With just a sprinkle, you can add a healthy pop of color and a burst of savory goodness to your favorite dishes.

Experience the versatility of Veggie Meadow as it shines as a topping for Caprese Salad, adding a delightful twist to this classic dish. It's also a favorite spice blend for Butter Boards, creating a flavor-packed accompaniment for bread and spreads. Whether you're preparing salads, soups, or vegetable dishes, Veggie Meadow is the perfect companion to enhance the flavors and add a touch of natural beauty to your culinary creations.

Embrace the true essence of "back to nature" with Veggie Meadow. Indulge in the wholesome flavors of dried vegetables and enjoy a culinary journey that celebrates the best from the garden. Elevate your dishes with this savory spice blend that's delicious and visually appealing. Experience the vibrant and delightful world of Veggie Meadow today!

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