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"Trust me, once you try Smoky Cowboy, you'll never want to grill or smoke without it again!"

- Bobby G., Grillmaster and BBQ Enthusiast

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So good it should be outlawed! Smoky flavor for your grilled or smoked meats.

INGREDIENTS: Salt, Demerara sugar, spices (i.a.smoked paprika, pepper, coriander, smoked curry: (i.a. coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, ginger, chili, caraway, cardamom, allspice), onions, smoked garlic, herbs (i.a.. rosemary, thyme), spice extracts.

USE WITH: Chicken Wings, BBQ Dry Rubs, Dipping Oil

1/2 Cup Jar - NET WT. 3.53 OZ

Store in a cool (52–77°F), dry and dark location.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Samantha Perdick
Run, don’t walk, to get these spices!

Wurzpott spices are made with such quality ingredients and intentional recipes. They will elevate every single dish you prepare!

Sandy Cavaliere
Smoky Cowboy

This spice is my husband’s favorite on pork chops.

Bassan, Michele

I put this on pork chops tonight for dinner and they were phenomenal. I already can’t wait for leftovers tomorrow!!



Our most popular Spice Blend!
Sweet, Peppery Flavor for your Grilled and Smoked Meats.

Get Ready to Blaze Trails with Wurzpott Smoky Cowboy Spice Blend! Ignite your taste buds with the irresistible flavors of our most popular blend. Smoky Cowboy delivers a perfect balance of sweetness and peppery goodness, infusing your grilled and smoked meats with a tantalizing smokiness that will transport you to the heart of a rustic campfire cooking experience.

Crafted to perfection, this sweet and smoky spice blend is a must-have for grilling and smoking enthusiasts. Its rich, savory profile adds depth and character to your favorite meats, creating a mouthwatering culinary adventure that captures the essence of a cowboy's harrowing journey. Whether you're barbecuing steaks, ribs, or chicken wings, Smoky Cowboy takes your grilling game to new heights.

Not limited to grilling, Smoky Cowboy is a versatile companion for your kitchen adventures. Enhance your chili, soup, or stew by adding a tablespoon of this exceptional blend, instantly infusing your dishes with the spirit of a cowboy enjoying a meal under the starry skies. Experience the thrill of bold flavors and embrace the cowboy spirit with Wurzpott Smoky Cowboy Spice Blend. Saddle up and let your taste buds ride wild!

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