Volume 1 I
June 15, 2022


Sam Bassan, President of Wurzpott LLC has announced the arrival of 47 new seasonings & spices within 7 Spice families. Mr.Bassan said: “We are all very excited to be the first company to bring an ultra-high quality spice over the pond from Germany to the USA“. At Würzpott, we make spices and spice mixtures that impress with their high quality and amazing aromatics. That means no frills, no unnecessary flavor enhancers, no artificial additives, just simply good, honest spices for meat, fish, vegetables and much more. Today we bring 47 gourmet seasonings & spices, but we will be adding others very soon” stated Sam.
Sam went on to say: “Our slogan says it all: We bring spice to life!”

So lets cook with Würzpott and put flavor back in everything we make!

For more information, please contact us at: info@wurzpott.com
We welcome your questions!

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