Why Würzpott

At Wurzpott, we make spices and spice mixtures that impress with their high quality and amazing aromatics. That means no frills, no unnecessary flavor enhancers, no artificial additives, just simply good, honest spices for meat, fish, vegetables and much more.

In order to achieve this, we place great importance on the high quality of our basic ingredients in all our spice mixtures. Extensively tested and finely tuned, the result is a special taste that each dish gets through their individual seasoning.

But this is only possible when using fresh spices. That’s why we developed the special Würzpott Aroma-Safe process, which keeps our spices and spice mixtures fresh for a very long time. For this purpose, the spices are filled and packaged in a vacuum during production and stored airtight in the spice pot jar until you open it for the first time.

Speaking of glass…if you leave our spices outside after a BBQ, don’t worry, the jar with its watertight and airtight metal closure can withstand almost any weather.

  • Creative spice compositions with totally natural ingredients for your personal taste
  • NO preservatives or flavor enhancers
  • Würzpott aroma-safe process preserves even the tiniest nuances of flavor safely and for a long time
  • Packaging is waterproof, easy to clean and ideal for outdoor kitchens
  • A variety of international flavors for creativity in the kitchen
  • Innovative spice mixtures, developed with the help of top international chefs